Max Holloway returns to the octagon this Saturday (Dec. 8th) to defend his title at UFC 231.
His challenger is Brian Ortega, the top-ranked featherweight competition.
Can Holloway, who has battled health problems and depression during his lay-off, stage a successful comeback?
The long-awaited fight between Max Holloway and Brian Ortega is almost upon us. The two top featherweights will meet this Saturday (December 8th) in UFC 231 at Toronto.
Originally booked for UFC 226 back in July, Holloway was pulled in the card after he began revealing”concussion-like symptoms.” Holloway has been plagued with health problems this year and this is his first and only fight of 2018. Ortega will accept nothing less than a title shot and has been patiently waiting for Blessed’s yield.
This is only one of the most exciting match-ups available to the UFC. It is a fascinating pairing of styles and a fight between two of their best featherweights the sport has ever seen. With so little separating the two fighters, that can be a very difficult struggle to select. Below are a few factors to consider.

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